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Nature April 28, 2018
American economy loses $200M due to mountain scenery on the web. is live and on the air. Stand by for news, weather, digital currency, international leveraged buyouts, and the best history, science, philosophy, and mathematics on the web. ...

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(Au parte de moimeme)  Isn't this site contributing to the problem?
(Party manimal)  I've looked into the problem extensively, and I wasn't producing anything in the first place.
(Who_told?)  Where will the insanity end?!

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Famous English speech "Rrow itself, let it be sorrow" translated into Latin.

Ancient Londonium, November 31, 2018

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Wiki: Woman with sexy back strolls across Timber Lake

Yeah!, April 1, 2018

This just in: Timber Lake has seen people come around and go around, adding an extra 4 minutes to their travel, but when this electric lady with her dress on crossed over to see a man of the woods in a suit & tie, she never felt so good, which mirrors our feelings that just won't stop. Bounce-ing on this bridge is for sure better than floatin...

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